Success Over The Summer

It was a busy summer for some of my students, going off to study in the UK and America! It is important for all students to be provided the information on how to go about achieving a career in the performing arts industry. This can be the biggest challenge for parents and something I enjoy providing as a teacher. Unfortunately it is not just as simple as go off and apply here, here and here. Students have to explore there options and find out what course suits them. This is why the summer months can be vitally important as it gives pupils an opportunity to go and experience the colleges, get a feel for the service the school provides and make a confident decision as a result of that.

Rave Review provides private to semi-private college prep classes where students learn of various courses available and are given the best opportunity to prepare for auditions. For more information on this please contact us on: or call Áine on 0857701221

Musical Theatre Classes Bray

There are still places available in our Musical Theatre classes in Bray. There you can sing, dance and act till your heart is content. The numbers are small to make sure that all students get the attention they need.

We aim to build students confidence and skill within the performing arts. The classes start from tots to teens for more information on the classes please check out the following links below:

Tots (3 - 6 yrs): Click Here

Juniors (7 - 13 yrs): Click Here

Musical Theatre Easter Camp Bray 2017

We are now launching our Easter Camp in Bray. 10th - 13th April for ages 7 - 13 years and we may have more age groups depending on demand so please place your interest. By calling Áine on 0857701221 or emailing

The students will work on Singing, Dancing and Acting from Disney to Broadway. For more information on how to book and discounts please check it out by Clicking Here.

Free Private Singing Trial in South Dublin

Our  new private singing classes have started in Stillorgan. Only a 5 minutes walk from the Kilmacud green luas stop, 10 minutes or less drive from Dundrum, Blackrock, Donnybrook and so much more. We know your are going to love so we are providing the opportunity to try it out for free! There are only a limited amount of spaces available so please contact us as soon as possible to insure you get a spot!

Whether you want to sing better in the shower, perform a song at an event or more. The classes are structured around what you need and with the aim of achieving those goals big or small.

The classes are for students to grow in confidence, technique, performance, preparation for examinations (LSMD or Irish Board), Junior and Leaving Certificate Music and audition prep for colleges/shows. Many people want to pursue a career in the performing arts but don’t know where to start. In your class you can grow your knowledge of the industry and explore  what courses and path is right for you.

Please call Áine on 085-7701221 or email for more informations and check out our singing page and Facebook Page.


Private Singing Classes South Dublin Starting!

Private Singing Classes South Dublin

We are so excited to announce! Our singing classes are now starting the second week of November! The singing classes consist of technique, posture, acting and so much more. The environment is in a friendly, welcoming environment where each student sets out their individual goals with the teacher (Áine). The classes are for both adults and children.


Each student is an individual and needs to work on something different. It is important to have goals within the class so that every person has something to work towards. These goals could be the following:

  • Build Confidence
  • Breathing
  • Junior/Leaving Cert Prep
  • College/Audition Prep
  • Show Prep
  • Examines with LSMD

Reasons to Take Singing Lessons have some great information on why you should take singing lessons! :)

1. Develop a Valuable Musical Talent

Shinichi Suzuki, the “grandfather” of child music education and creator of the world-renown “Suzuki method” strongly advocated that children are not born with musical talents, but rather they are developed just like learning a native language through early-age training. By giving your child voice lessons, you will be giving the gift singing and music appreciation that will become a valuable and cherished asset for a lifetime as a medium for satisfying personal achievement and entertainment.

2. Build Self-Esteem

In addition to the morale that the student gains from working diligently at a skill and succeeding, the positive individual attention given in private and small-group lessons and parent practice sessions fosters self-esteem and self-worth in the student by showing them that they are worthy of personal attention and that others believe in their success.

3. Learn Study Skills

In the course of singing lessons, students learn many study and memorization skills that easily transfer over to other subject areas to help them succeed in school and life. Studying music will help students discover their own best individual learning styles, giving them a head start on the independent learning skills they will need in more advanced academics.

4. Learn Focus

Regular voice lessons and practice sessions help students develop advanced levels of concentration, determination, self-discipline and responsibility to regularly practice and work at skills to reach near and far-distant goals. These are the rare personality traits that more than any else will ensure success in all other areas of life.

5. Increase Brain Function

Many studies have shown that music instruction helps students develop advanced complex hand-eye, hand-to-hand and right-left brain coordination that greatly increases their ability for multi-task and complex brain activity, spatial cognition and fine motor skilled activities such as typing and writing. Many of the world’s greatest minds were honed by their classical music playing and education.

6. Increase Mathematical Skills

Studies have also shown that music instruction helps students develop practical science and mathematical skills such as counting, pattern recognition and recall, geometry, ratios and proportions, fractions, sequences, time keeping and pacing, acoustics, etc.

7. Build Character

Studies have shown that students who study classical music develop stronger moral character, are much more likely to score high in their classes and standardized tests, and much less likely to engage in substance abuse or criminal behavior. (Columbus Parent)

8. Increase Intelligence

Studies have shown that children who take private piano or voice lessons develop higher IQ scores than those who do not. (Forbes)

9. Increase Listening Skills

Studies have shown that trained musicians are much better at discerning subtle speech inflections and thereby “reading between the lines” of what a person says than those without musical training. (Fox News: Live Science)

10. Improve Speaking and Communication

Singing lessons has also been shown to cause significant improvement of the quality of the speaking voice including improving clarity, tone, diction, and expression. Singing students also work on improving their facial and body expression, eye contact and confidence, and become accustomed to singing in foreign languages.

11. Develop Presentation and Leadership Skills

Face-to-face performance training and experience gained from singing lessons teach children strategies for preparing and confidently delivering presentations in front of strangers, peers and critics. Poise and confidence in front of others fosters leadership and social skills.

12. Develop Creativity and Artistic Awareness

Creativity and ability to “think outside the box” have been praised as important characteristics of successful professionals in all areas. Singing lessons help children develop and use their creativity and artistic skills in a structured, universally-appreciated way. As students are pushed to conform and “put away childish things” as thy get older, singing and music will remain a legitimate and appreciated medium to keep their creative mind and open outlook alive.

13. Connect with Others Through Music

Music has often been called a “universal language” for it’s incredible ability to transcend language, cultural and time constraints to communicate thoughts, ideas, emotions and impressions. Learning the “language” of fine music opens the door to an endless library of musical stories, portraits, essays, manifestos and poetry that has provided inspiration for centuries to our world’s greatest minds. More than any other medium, vocal music excels in communicating to and touching the souls of men and women and is a manifestation of humanity’s collective conscience and social heritage.

14. Express Yourself Through Music

Learning to sing opens a new and deeply powerful medium of emotional education and expression as the child learns to “give voice” to the emotions of the composers and their own. When the student participates in the production of quality music and really understands and connects with it, the intellect and the emotion are profoundly stimulated and the student comes away from the experience with an enriched and more meaningful life.

15. Heal Yourself With Music

Music has long been a considered soothing and healing practice. While not all popular music available today can be said to contribute to peace of mind and body, studies have shown that Classical and modern art music helps in a number of ways including lowering blood pressure, soothing stress and chronic pain, and promoting healthy breathing. Fine Music gives the student a forum to cope with life’s challenging emotions and promotes healthy and balanced thought and body. (Music Therapy as a medical treatment is a legitimate and growing profession used for improving the quality of life of people on all levels, improving social skills and treating a variety of conditions from physical and speech disorders to depression, behavior problems and psychiatric conditions.)

For more information please check out our Singing Page.

Late Late Toy Show Now Casting!

Rave Review’s kids classes in Bray prepare our students to present, perform and prepare for these sorts of moments!

Well, now is the time for all students to get involved! RTÉ are looking for their new stars for this years Late Late Toy Show! If any of our students need help or advise on their submission please do get in touch.

See their instructions below. Best of luck!! :)

This year's Toy Show takes place on Friday December 2nd and we're on the look out for the children who help make it a magical night.
So, if there is a young person in your life who is a natural in front of camera, a talented performer, comedian or just an all round show-off, we want to hear from you!
We're also looking for performing groups, dancers, bands, choirs and singers from all over the country. Once again this year we're hitting the road and auditioning acts all over the country to make sure we find the best kids, wherever they live...
Click link below to download an application form and fill it in... Then send to us along with a DVD or USB key of your child or group in action... Please ensure that you keep copies of everything you submit as nothing can be returned.
Send your entries to: Late Late Toy Show, PO Box 170, RTÉ, Dublin 4... for all the details, check out our website.
The closing date for entries is Monday 3rd October - That's in just over four weeks time... PLEASE don't wait til the last minute... Get recording and get them into us as soon as you can!

Please click for more information on our Bray classes.

Tots Class in Bray the Benefits

We are so happy that we now have a Tots class in Bray starting this week. We have lots of fun planned from stories, games, songs and dancing what more could you ask for!


I find that now children are so used to getting everything right infront of them with technology that their imagination and creativity can be lost. We live in era where if you want something you get it straight away. This can result in children finding it difficult to create and explore their own thoughts and develop them.

Being creative and learning to make creative choices helps students to be better at thinking of new ideas,  allowing them to view the world around them in new ways. Einstein said,“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Language Skills

Reading to you child can have huge benefits. For example, a study was made in Rhode Island Hospital to compare two groups of eight months old – one group was read to often as babies, while the other was not.  It was shown that those who were read to have their “receptive” vocabularies (number of words they understand) increased 40 per cent since babyhood, while the non-reading group increased by only 16 per cent.

Indeed, reading to your children is one of the most effective way of building the “language” neural connections in their growing brains.

Communication Skills

It seems obvious to say that drama, theatre and the performing arts improves verbal and nonverbal communication, but it is worth stating that this benefits young people through their life. It improves vocal projection, articulation, tone of speech and expression. Importantly is also develops listening and observation skills.

Music can also help babies and toddlers—who don’t have the language skills to express their emotions—describe how they’re feeling. In fact, in a 2008 study, even 5-month-old babies were able to differentiate between happy and sad music.


For more information on tots musical theatre classes and how to book please check out:

How Performing Arts Benefits All Children!

Yet Another Great Article From

Performing arts has the ability to provide kids with a wide variety of skills to set them up for life. 

Sounds good. However, if your child is shy and lacks self confidence - surely performing arts wouldn't be for them? Contrary to popular belief, introducing these types of children to performing arts could be the best decision parents could make for their kids.

For some kids, confidence comes naturally to them. However, others need more support and encouragement in order to develop into confident individuals. Performing arts classes such as singingacting and dancing, provide kids with the combination of a safe environment and activities they love, allowing them to gradually come out of their shells. 

As performing arts allows kids to contribute ideas and put their own slant on everything they do, it allows them to express their personality, boosting their confidence and self esteem while giving them a greater sense of who they are. 

Kids who take performing arts classes benefit from improvements to their abilities in many different areas - stretching far beyond the performing arts.

Benefits include:


    • Performing arts develops creativity; allowing kids to be innovative, imaginative and broad minded. Classes stimulate and challenge the brain, encouraging creativity and expression.
    • Performing arts can help kids to overcome anxieties. By going on stage, giving a successful performance and receiving positive feedback, kids will be provided with reassurance, and as a result will be more likely to believe in themselves into the future.
    • Problem solving skills improve as kids are faced with unexpected situations, and must work out possible solutions. A child on stage will quickly learn to improvise and overcome any mistakes they may have made.
    • Exposure to music allows children to easily access their emotions as they are used to constant changes in feelings and emotions through songs. Kids will be more likely to voice any worries they may have.
    • Doing something they love will give kids a sense of enthusiasm that will shine through, even when they have stepped off the stage.
    • Kids learn how to work in groups. They quickly learn that social interaction and cooperation are key to positive end results, and are vital in any situation. Performing arts promotes working as a team while also encouraging and developing individual talents. Kids will be more confident in themselves and how they interact in groups - an important skill for future life.
    • Performing arts are linked to positive outcomes in school, as kids experience emotional development and behaviour improves. Kids are encouraged to aim higher and overcome obstacles.

All of the above benefits will increase a child's feeling of self worth and confidence. During rehearsals, confidence will grow as kids see their skills improving. Accomplishing tasks and overcoming obstacles will boost self esteem as kids begin to believe in themselves.

While there are great advantages to introducing your kids to performing arts, make sure to remember that not everyone will be suited to it, and sometimes another approach must be taken to help kids improve their self confidence and self esteem. 

Watch how your kids react to classes over time, and decide whether performing arts is the best approach to take.

Click for more information on classes.

Click to Register for Bray Musical Theatre Classes.

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Musical Theatre Classes Bray, Wicklow

Sing, Dance and Act in Bray, Wicklow

All the Benefits

We are so excited to start our new Musical Theatre classes in Bray on Thursday, 15th September. So much work is being put into getting these classes running and we really do appreciate all the help and support coming our way. As we are new to Bray so it is important for everyone to spread the word! Classes at the moment currently run for students in 1st class  and up.

Personal Touch

As a school we like to pride ourselves on having the personal touch with all of our parents and students. To make sure that student grow as individuals and performers with in a safe and friendly environment. All students will get a lot of attention as there is a limited number allowed in each class.

Performing Arts

The performing arts is an important part of a child’s development. It helps them express themselves, builds confidence, coordination, presentation skills and so much more! As an adult we are sometimes require to present whether it be for work, group or even for a family ceremony. This can be extremely difficult for people and can hold them back both personal and professional. Students will be given the opportunity to perform and present through out the year and therefore it will become second nature to them, preventing the development of ‘stage fright’.

Sing, Dance and Act

Students will explore singing as individuals and within a group. As a class we will practise the correct methods of singing, harmonies, performance and own personal goals.  For dance we will look at group numbers, fitness, collaboration and choreography. Acting starts from improvisation, character development, team building, fun games and more. There is a bit for everyone and classes are catered towards the group to make sure that all students progress and have fun!

Come Along!

Come along on our journey! Beginners to experienced students are all welcome! Call Áine on 085-7701221 or email for more information. Our Register Online Today