Terms and Conditions

Fees and Term Information

  1. Enrolment  is  for  the 30-­week  academic  year with  payments  divided  into  three installments  of  10  weeks.  If your  child  does  not  wish  to  complete  the  year  you  must  inform  the  office  in  writing  giving  1/2  a  term’s notice.  
  2. Parents  will  be  notified  of  important  information,  fees  due,  outings,  auditions,  term  dates  and  holidays  viaour  regular  newsletters and  notes  distributed  by  e-­mail  to  the  address  supplied  on  the  booking  form.  These  will  also  be  pinned  on  the  noticeboards  at  the  school.  Please  do  not  hesitate  to  contact  the  school  if you  feel  you  may  have  missed  some  of  the  information, as  this  is  our means  of  communicating  with  you.  
  3. Deposit can be made by cash, cheque or online via Paypal. Remaining fees  may  be  paid  by cash,  orcheque  made  out  to  ‘Áine Keegan’.  We  do accept  credit/debit cards for the remaining feeas  these  incur  a charge of  3%.  Fees  MUST  be  paid  in  full  ON  OR  BEFORE  the  first  day of  a  new  term.  Please  ensure  fees  are  clearly  marked  with your  child’s  name  and  class.  Deposits  are  non-refundable  but  will  be  credited  against  your  first  term’s  fees.  

Health and Safety Procedures

Parent(s)/guardians(s) must inform Rave Review if there are any medical conditions know about any of the students to make sure all the procedures are in place for the student(s) to have an enjoyable experience.

Our staff our guard vetted and the Director Áine has a First Aid, Child Protection and, Health and Safety qualification.

If parent(s), guardian(s), or emergency contacts are unable to be contacted Rave Review must take the following actions in emergencies:

  1. Make emergency treatment necessary during he running of the course.
  2. Rave Review has the consent to allow your child/children to be transported to hospital if necessary when accompanied by a member of staff.
  3. We are authorised to sign any write form of consent required by hospital authorities if the delay in getting a guardian signature in considered by the doctor to endanger the student’s health and safety.

Consent  for  photographs/video  use

In the course of the activities provided by ITW photographs and video may be taken by the course teachers and in the case of class performances by other parents, which may include footage of your child.  These may be used on our website or in our brochures from time to time.  Please ensure you let the school know in writing if you change your mind in relation to your consent.

Please note that by enrolling your child for Rave Review you are agreeing to, and bound by, our terms and conditions as laid out in this document.